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3pm Studios develops children’s games on the iPhone & iPad platform.

Our newest release “Preschool Mix & Match game with Henry & Hailey HD” has just been submitted to Apple. We expect it to be approved shortly. It is an iPad 2 optimized App.

Our original game, “Preschool Pals for kids - Henry & Hailey” has been a favorite since its debut on the iTunes App Store. The “Best App Ever Awards” named Preschool Pals as a finalist in the Best Kid Distraction Application.  

Your kids will love our colorful and cute preschool characters. Our Mix-n-Match game is fun for kids (and parents) of all ages. Your child will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Our second effort is “Kids ABC with Henry & Hailey”. It has the same feel and game play as Preschool Pals but with an emphasis on the alphabet.

All three of these Apps are available on the Apple App Store.



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